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Securing a mortgage or remortgage should be a straightforward process, and for some it is. For others though it can feel anything but simple. This is particularly true if you have struggled with previous financial issues that have damaged your credit score. All of a sudden you may find that the major high street banks and lenders aren’t so keen to provide that amazingly low rate that they advertise all over the internet!

At Tailored Money we take a different approach. Our national network of highly experienced finance brokers take the time to understand your individual case and work hard to find a solution that truly meets your needs. Of course we can’t promise to find a solution in every case but what we can promise is to leave no stone unturned in our attempts to help you secure a flexible, affordable and appropriate secured loan.

We are also a big believer in transparency. No financial decision is ever black and white and it is our aim is to be clear and concise – sharing in equal measures the advantages and disadvantages of any financial solution you might be looking into. We look forward to helping you keep things simple – click here to get started.

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